August 7th Memorial Park in Nairobi

August 7th Memorial Park in Nairobi is located at the site of a massive bombing of the US Embassy on August 7, 1998 that killed over 200 people.

August 7th Memorial Park, formerly the seat of the US Embassy, ​​is centrally located in the Nairobi CBD (Central Business District) at the intersection of Moi Avenue and Haile Selassie Avenue. As a result of the heavy bomb attack on the embassy building with a truck bomb, the embassy building was so badly damaged that it was demolished. The August 7th Memorial Park was built to commemorate the attack in 1998 that killed over 200 people. In addition to the Memorial Garden, it also includes a visitor center and museum, the Peace Memorial Museum.

The aim of the park and museum is to educate Kenyans and all foreign visitors about the terrible consequences of terrorism and to sensitize visitors to the need for tolerance and peace.

In the Memorial Park there is, among other things, a granite plaque several meters high, the Memorial Wall, with all the names of the 218 fatalities. The Memorial Park is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Entry to Memorial Park is 30 KES. Visitors can also purchase a ticket for the Peace Memorial Museum at the entrance to the park.

Highlights August 7th Memorial Park

  • Memorial commemorating the US Embassy bombing

  • Memorial Wall with the names of all those who died

  • Green oasis in the middle of Nairobi

  • optional visit to the Peace Memorial Museum possible

Impressions August 7th Memorial Park

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