Moi Avenue Nairobi in the Central Business District (CBD)

Moi Avenue Nairobi in the Central Business District (CBD) is a main street in the capital of Kenya and is one of the oldest streets in Nairobi.

Moi Avenue is a 1.5-kilometer-long main street in Nairobi CBD and is intersected by Kenyatta Avenue, Haile Selassie Avenue and City-Hall Way, among others. The street was originally called First Station Road. Along with Victoria Street, First Station Road was one of the first roads to be built in Nairobi. The street got its name because the Nairobi train station was located here. The train station and a large bus station are still located here today. After the road was completed, numerous government offices and organizational buildings settled there in the years that followed. For this reason, First Station Road was renamed Government Road in 1901. Another name change, to today’s Moi Avenue, took place after independence of Kenya. The street is named after the politician Daniel arap Moi (1924-2020).

The former US embassy was also located on Moi Avenue near Haile Selassie Avenue. As a result of the heavy bomb attack on the embassy building with a truck bomb, the embassy building was so badly damaged that it was demolished. The August 7th Memorial Park was built to commemorate the attack in 1998 that killed over 200 people. In addition to the Memorial Garden, it also includes a visitor center and museum, the Peace Memorial Museum.

Today, Moi Avenue is an important street with numerous shops, commercial facilities, headquarters of many international companies, hotels and a number of tourist attractions, including Hilton Park, Moi University, Khoja Mosque, Jeevanjee Gardens, railway station and the Kenya National Archives & Documentation Service .

Highlights Moi Avenue

  • one of the oldest streets of Nairobi

  • centrally located in the Nairobi Central Business District

  • numerous shops and commercial establishments

  • numerous sights

Impressions Moi Avenue Nairobi

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