Overview of Nyali and the surrounding area

Nyali is a residential area in Mombasa and is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Nyali is known for long sandy beaches and numerous first-class hotels by the sea.

The coastal region around Nyali and the Nyali Beach of the same name with numerous beaches, hotels and resorts is only a few kilometers from Mombasa’s old town and city center, which is located on the approximately 14 square kilometers large island of Mombasa Island. Nyali is connected to Mombasa city center by the New Nyali Bridge.

Around 220,000 people in the metropolis of Mombasa live here in Nyali near the coast. Due to the kilometer-long sandy beaches as well as the close location and easy accessibility, Nyali and Nyali Beach are a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Holidaymakers also appreciate the mostly quiet beach areas, which are not particularly overcrowded despite the proximity to the city center of Mombasa.

Nyali is very western and has adjusted accordingly to the tourists from all over the world. There are numerous supermarkets, banks, schools as well as shopping malls, restaurants and bars.

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Nyali Details
County Mombasa County
Population approx. 220,000
Area approx. 2.5 km²
Phone code 020

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