Feeding the giraffes in the giraffe center Lang’ata – A visit to the Rothschild giraffes and warthogs in Lang’ata, a suburb of Nairobi.

After an exciting safari and photo tour of several hours through the Nairobi National Park, the next highlight of this day tour is on the program. Now it goes by jeep to Lang’ata, a few kilometers from Naitobi and the national park, a predominantly bourgeois suburb of the capital Nairobi. The goal is the Nairobi Giraffe Center, founded in 1979, with its associated visitor center, giraffe enclosure and the very cool viewing platform.

For today I had booked a combination package, consisting of a safari in Nairobi National Park, a visit to the giraffe center and the elephant rearing station of the world-famous David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is also located in Nairobi National Park.

It is an incredible experience to get so close to the meter-high giraffes. And best of all: you can also hand-feed the giraffes. The animals then come very close to you. There are no bars here, you can even stroke the animals if you are careful. The giraffes are probably just as careful with their long tongues when they eat the food out of your hand. And as you can see in the video: Giraffes not only have a very long neck, but also a damn long tongue. Well, it’s kind of logical if you think about it a little more closely. The little warthogs that run around the enclosure with the giraffes are also very cute.

Good overview from the viewing platform

You can also go up the stairs to the viewing platform to get an even better view of the enclosure with the giraffes and warthogs. Coincidentally, the height of the platform is designed so that you can meet the giraffes there at eye level. And of course you can also feed the animals there.

If, like me, you have only ever seen the giraffes live on safari, then a visit to the giraffe center will surely inspire you as much as I do. Finally, I can only recommend visiting the giraffe center in Lang’ata. By the way, special attention is paid to the welfare of the rare animals here. Because at first glance this seemingly very touristy place is much more than just a tourist attraction. A very successful giraffe breeding program has been taking place here for many years. Numerous pairs of giraffes have already been successfully released into the wild in Kenyan national parks.

You can also find more information here: Giraffe Center on Tripadvisor

Oh yes, and finally a note that should actually be clear: Please only feed the giraffes with what is offered by the employees!

Visit to the giraffe centre in Nairobi

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