Consequences of the Ukraine war: Kenya lacks wheat and maize because Russia and Ukraine are the main suppliers for Kenya and other countries in East Africa.

First drought in East Africa, then the global corona pandemic and now war in Ukraine. Food prices in Kenya have already risen sharply in the past 12 months and the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is threatening food prices in Kenya and other countries, especially Somalia and Ethiopia, to become almost prohibitively expensive for millions of people in Kenya East Africa.

In Kenya, for example, around 80 percent of all wheat is imported from abroad and only 20 percent is grown in Kenya. The situation is similar with corn. Kenya purchases wheat and corn from various countries, including a large proportion from Russia and Ukraine. But the supply chains will collapse sooner or later. Farmers in Ukraine defend their country instead of tilling their fields. The prices for wheat, corn and other agricultural products are currently literally exploding on the global stock exchanges and the price of oil is also higher than it has been for many years.

If the price of wheat continues to rise, the price of bread, for example, will continue to rise. Corn is also affected by the sharp price increases and will particularly hit those families who are already on a low income and for whom corn forms the basis for most meals.

Therefore, from an African point of view, the current events in Eastern Europe can be described as follows: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will continue to drive Africa into hunger.

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