Species Conservation Day 2023: The UN World Wildlife Day takes place annually on March 3rd. This day is also a very special day in Kenya, because there are also numerous endangered wild species here.

The World Wildlife Day is a day of remembrance and action dedicated to the topic of species conservation. The day of action was introduced in 1973 as part of the Washington Convention on the Protection of Endangered Species. And this agreement was signed on March 3rd, 1973. The aim of the international agreement was to protect wild species threatened by trade and economic interests. This includes animals and also plants. Over time, the agreement and the associated commemoration day, UN World Wildlife Day, have become even more relevant and important. Because more and more animals and plants worldwide are threatened and some species are unfortunately already extinct.

It’s not just rhinos and elephants that are endangered because of their coveted tusks and horns. Rare plants, including wild orchids, are also sought after by collectors around the world. Here it is important to set an example worldwide and to draw attention to the importance of species protection through events and campaigns with the World Wildlife Day. You want to know more about it? Then this way to the website wildlifeday.org/en (website available in English, Spanish and French).

In Kenya, it is therefore the national parks, reserves and not to forget private initiatives in the form of NGOs that work day after day to protect species. For example, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), which runs an elephant orphanage on the outskirts of Nairobi, among other things. Almost everything here revolves around the protection and release of elephants and in particular elephant orphans. More information about the DSWT on World Wildlife Day 2023: Celebrating Partnership on World Wildlife Day

Elephant feeding David Sheldrick Breeding Station Nairobi

Elephant feeding David Sheldrick Breeding Station Nairobi

Video: UN World Wildlife Day 2023

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