Fort Jesus in Mombasa

Fort Jesus Fortress in Mombasa – Built in 1593 by the Portuguese, the fortress protected the entrance to the old port of Mombasa and the lagoon.

Fort Jesus is located on Mombasa Island, an island about six by four kilometers in size. The old town of Mombasa is also located on this island. Built in 1593 under King Philip II, Fort Jesus has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. The over 2 hectare fort with meter high walls once served the Portuguese as a stopover and base for their ships on the way from Portugal to Goa (India).

Control of the fortress Fort Jesus on the Indian Ocean changed very frequently and several times between the Portuguese, Arabs and British. For example, the fortress was used as a prison by the British. Fort Jesus has been under Kenyan control since 1963.

Top attraction of Mombasa – visit to Fort Jesus

Today Fort Jesus is one of the top sights of Mombasa and can be visited. The fortress is also part of the Kenyan National Museum and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.

You also want to visit Fort Jesus? Then you should definitely plan enough time, because the fortress is very large and contains numerous exhibitions from the National Museum. There is so much to discover in the extremely interesting fort. Definitely worth a visit.

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