Beach vacation in Kenya: Have a drink in the Moonshine Beach Bar Mombasa in Nyali on the popular Nyali Beach on the Indian Ocean.

Kenya’s coastal region around Mombasa is known for its beautiful beaches and a carefree vacation by the sea. I wanted to convince myself of this and have also planned a few days beach vacation in Nyali in a beach hotel during my Kenya tour. I booked The Reef Hotel Mombasa in Nyali, a suburb of Mombasa, of course again through Arrived at the Reef Hotel, there was a positive surprise: In the hotel’s garden, directly on the beach, there is a nice beach bar, the Moonshine Beach Bar. And according to TripAdvisor, Moonshine Beach Bar is even one of Mombasa’s most popular bars.

Are you also planning a vacation in Kenya at Nyali Beach? Then you should definitely visit the Moonshine Beach Bar. At the weekend there is a lot going on in the Moonshine Beach Bar. Cool drinks and good music await you in the bar with live music. A DJ provides the sound in the Moonshine Bar. The Moonshine Beach Bar is located in the garden of the Reef Hotel. Of course, you don’t have to be a guest at the Reef Hotel if you want to visit the bar.

Moonshine Beach Bar Mombasa Entry, Security & Entry Control

Entry to the Moonshine Bar is free. Even in the evening, when there are a lot of visitors in the bar and dancing on the dance floor. Admission may be charged for special events, but this was not the case for me. What I usually find annoying in Germany I really liked when I visited the Moonshine Beach Bar evening after evening. Security personnel, consisting of a man and a woman and equipped with portable metal detectors, checked every guest at the entrance area. And here no distinction was made between gender or skin color. Every guest was checked at the entrance before they could enter the Monshine Bar.

But even if this sometimes led to easy waiting times at the entrance area: Ultimately, it meant that I felt really safe in the bar and was able to enjoy my drinks and the evening even more carefree.

Moonshine Bar Mombasa at Nyali Beach

Moonshine Bar Mombasa at Nyali Beach

Of course, you can also reach the Beach Bar from the beach via stairs. So if you’re not at the Reef Hotel, but at one of the nearby beach hotels, why not take a walk on the beach. And when you pass the Moonshine Beach Bar, you know what to do. Of course, the bar also has a lovely terrace with a view of the sea.

Fortunately, the way to the Moonshine Beach Bar was not far for me, as I had spent a couple of nights at the Reef Hotel Mombasa. And of course that meant spending several evenings at the Moonshine Beach Bar. :-)

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