Corona vaccinations: People in Africa have to wait a little longer. The reason is the uneven distribution of Corona vaccination doses.

COVID-19 is currently clearly showing the global imbalance in the area of ​​medical care. Large-scale vaccination campaigns have already started in many countries around the world, but this is not yet the case in countries in Africa. With the exception of South Africa, hardly any country in Africa has received vaccine doses of any appreciable amount to systematically vaccinate the population.

According to the WHO, South Africa will be one of the first countries in Africa to receive corona vaccination doses as part of the WHO vaccination program “Covax”. The African Union has also ordered almost 300 million vaccine doses so far, but of course this amount is still far from sufficient.

The first deliveries of the vaccines from the WHO program are not expected to arrive in Africa until March. While most countries in Africa would like to have access to vaccines a little faster, Tanzania is taking a slightly different way. The government is therefore more likely to rely on prayers against COVID-19 instead of vaccines or lockdown. Kenya and other states in East Africa such as Uganda and Rwanda, on the other hand, are currently only a tough lockdown in the fight against the corona pandemic. Another big problem for Kenya and all other countries is of course the lack of international tourists, for example in the National Parks, lodges, hotels and other areas of the tourism industry.


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