Everything about Kenya: TravelKenya.info is online. The website about the popular holiday destination in East Africa will in future provide a wide range of information about Kenya.

Although the corona pandemic has kept the world and especially the tourism industry in suspense, it is now time for a new website all about travel to Kenya. The country in East Africa is rightly one of the most popular travel destinations in southern and eastern Africa. Because here there is the typical Africa with national parks, the Big Five, but also dream beaches on the Indian Ocean around the port city and metropolis of Mombasa.

What can TravelKenya.info visitors expect in the future?

Well, there isn’t much to see yet and a lot of the content is still missing. The same applies to the functionality of the website. In the next few months, the following things will gradually be available and constantly expanded:

  • News and updates about Kenya
  • General Kenya travel advice and tips
  • Kenya Lexicon
  • Kenya Videos
  • Kenya picture galleries
  • Events

Other things are also planned, but now the first thing to do is to implement the things mentioned.


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